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Universal Splash Filter Faucet 720° Rotate Water

Rotate the water outlet 720 degrees to wash your face and gargle more conveniently.
2 switches,4 layers,double gaskets,two types of water outlet rotary switches, oxygen-enriched foam, splash-proof water, four-layer mesh filter to remove impurities and double gaskets to prevent dripping.
Rugged copper, ABS body, with extra durability and longevity. The product also includes a reinforced double O-ring valve to ensure that all leaks are prevented.
Safe and user-friendly design.The splash-proof filtering faucet introduces air into the water flow, producing a larger, whiter water flow, soft and non-spattering. This product is guaranteed to satisfy your customers or employees. Suitable for restaurants, laundry rooms and backyards.

Material: Copper, ABS
Product size: 15*8*5cm/5.91*3.15*1.97″


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